Get Started on TpT (TeachersPayTeachers)

Every now and then I’m messaged and asked how to get started on TpT (TeachersPayTeachers). I am going to be honest and tell you that I haven’t really answered those questions..or at least not thoroughly. It’s definitely not that I don’t want to help you! Here is the reason: It is not some one-line explanation I can give someone. Don’t think TpT is super difficult or complex, but it also is not as easy as a cup of coffee (

I do hope this post answers questions and is helpful to you as you’re looking to get started on TpT. It’s important to know that TpT is not some get rich quick scheme. It won’t happen overnight. Everyone has different ideas, different time available to work, and different responsibilities they are juggling. But, that’s the thing about TpT.  There is no commitment on your part.  You are free to create as many products as you like, or just a few.  Remember that your expectations for TpT have to match your level of effort and that all good things take time.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commision if you click through and make a purchase. 

Setting Up Your Store

Did you think products would come first? Nope. Life will be easier if you think about a few things before you even create a product.

  • Store Name – Check and make sure that whatever name you choose hasn’t already been taken. I also suggest that you DON’T tie it into your grade level or content area if that is something that’s likely to change. The same thing goes for your own name (Think like “Ms. Johnson’s Classroom”) – if you’re going to get married and change your last name, you’ll wind up re-branding everything. ugh. Think long-term with your store name and save yourself time!
  • Branding – Do you have some favorite colors or fonts you like to use? Pick out 2-3 colors and 2-3 fonts, then stick with them. It’ll help you be recognizable to people on social media and while they’re scrolling. There are all sorts of font pairing guides and color guides online!
  • Logo – Okay, so you have your name and branding. Put both of those things together and create your logo! (Or pay someone to do it for you). Note – it’s VITAL that you have the rights to any image or font you use in your logo. Double check terms of use on everything!

Creating Products

Okay, now it’s time to get into it. The very first product you upload to TpT HAS to be a free resource. TpT suggests that freebies are less than 10 pages, so it doesn’t have to be huge, but it should give people a good idea of what kinds of resources you make and the types of activities you provide. Take a peek at my freebies here, if you’d like!

Make sure that if you include graphics or fonts that you have the commercial license to do so. This is a different license than what covers you as an educator in your classroom. The TeachersPayTeachers forum is full of info on copyright laws, so make sure to dig into that!

I love to use Google Slides or PowerPoint to create my resources. Trust me, it’s way easier to duplicate pages, insert graphics, and rearrange things to your liking in those than it is in Word. Not a Google Slides fanatic? Turn to YouTube for some basics and you’ll never leave it again. I promise.

What to create? If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, look at what you use in your own classroom that you have created. To me, TeachersPayTeachers is about bringing what I do well to other teachers, to help them feel that same success, in less time than it took me to figure it out and put it together! Whew. TpT is about supporting other teachers, both financially and by providing resources that WORK for our students.

Ready for More to Get Started on TpT?

Are you looking for more support on how to get started? Check out the Teacherpreneur School from Shelly Rees! Shelly’s course includes templates, clipart, fonts, and more than 30 videos helping you get started selling resources! I have taken Shelly’s courses myself and highly recommend everything she has to offer.

Already started selling on TpT, but feeling like you want to kick it up a notch? Shelly’s TpT Focused Success course is the place for you! As I’ve already mentioned, I took her class last year. Honestly, I would pay the same amount she asks for her whole course just to be a member of her monthly challenges in her Facebook group. It is amazing!

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