Llama Themed Classrooms: LLAMAzing!

Llamas are huge right now! There are so many fun variations of classroom displays, decor ideas, and school supplies that are llama themed – it’s bad for my bank account! This post is all about LLAMAzing Classrooms in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms – there’s something for everyone here!

Without further ado…are you ready to be..LLAMAzed?

Bulletin Boards and Classroom Displays

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

This board from @thedenniscrew is so pretty! The simple background is just so clean!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

@srtalibertad combined the dates from Sra. Cruz and my llama calendar set to make this awesome display! I also love her letter board next to it 🙂

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Ashley Lewis was prepared for Back to School night with this fun llama donation board! Each llama has a different way parents and guardians can help support her classroom.

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Señora Richards used my ¿Cómo Te Llamas? display with her students to start off the school year! I LOVE how colorful and bright the llamas are!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

The DRAMA LLAMA from @lasenorasara gives me some serious llama-envy! What a fun way to encourage using rejoinders during class!

Llama Themed Seating

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Okay, if you follow @sra.davilamadwid on Instagram you KNOW she loves llamas! Look at this DIY Classroom Chair she did! It turned out…llamazing! (hah!)

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

How cute is this seating/storage DIY from Ashley Lewis ?! If you’re using flexible seating in your classroom, this is a great addition to your llama theme!

Llama Doors

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

@sra.davilamadwid put together this door to introduce herself! I love how she models a greeting and introduction, plus the colors are bright and fun!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Señora Simmons has this super cute door to welcome students to Spanish class! I love the papel picado and the paper flowers too! Check out more of her llama theme here!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Annie Castle shared this picture of her door with me! I love how she gives both the question and the answer!

Llama Resources!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta SpanishI am SO excited to start Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) with my Spanish classes this year. These llama bookmarks from Erin at The Engaged Spanish Classroom are so cute and punny! Perfect for a little fun while they read!

39519308_10106295224207081_410092814680981504_n (1).jpg

Life Between Summers shared these editable post cards for back to school! I could also see them becoming really cute thank you notes for later on during the school year, or even a way to send home good news! Everyone loves getting mail! 🙂

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

Erin at The Engaged Spanish Classroom has some pages that you can use for coloring OR print and go posters! Talk about multi-functional – great for fast finishers, or just some fun!

LLAMAzing Classrooms | Srta Spanish

More back to school resources! I always have students use name tags for the first week or two of class – it helps me learn who they are, and it helps them get to know each other! (I work in a LARGE school). You can grab these name tags here!


Check out ideas for LLAMAzing Llama Themed Classrooms in elementary, middle, & high school - there's something for everyone here! Perfect for your llama theme classroom decor. This blog post round up contains FREE ideas and resources for your Spanish classroom, even some DIY inspiration! Bulletin boards, resources, flexible seating - you name it, it's here! Click to see all of these awesome ideas!

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Whew! Those really are some LLAMAzing resources for some bright and beautiful classrooms! (Psst..are you sick of reading LLAMAzing yet??). If you’ve got some llama envy, never fear, I’ve got you covered! HERE are all of my llama themed resources, perfect for back to school! Print and go to save you time, bright and adorable to help bring cheer to your room!

I’d love to see what other llama finds you’ve got in your classroom! Tag me on Instagram @srta_spanish and share your beautiful rooms!

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