Low-Prep Review Game: ¡Mi Lápiz!

¡Mi Lápiz! Review Game - SrtaSpanish

¡Mi Lápiz! is a review game known by many names. Some people simply call it, “The Dice Game”, others call it “¡Seis!”, or “Surrender in Seis”. I realized that what my students tended to say most when they were playing was something along the lines of, “MY PENCIL”, so I decided to try changing the name to match, and now that’s all you hear! I first learned of this game from a Youtube video someone had posted on one of my social media feeds, and I just had to try it! There’s almost ZERO set-up, but the engagement is huge!

You need..

  • Groups of 2-4
  • One pencil
  • One die
  • A set of questions or a worksheet for each player

How to play:

  • The point of the game is to be the first to complete the sheet/set of questions correctly.
  • There is only one pencil, because only one person may write at a time.
  • Begin with the pencil in the middle. Take turns rolling the die. The first person to get a six gets to take the pencil and start writing.
  • Everyone else continues to roll. AS SOON AS someone else gets a six, they get to take the pencil and start writing.

That’s it! Sometimes I will set this on a timer and only let them play for about 8 minutes, but we have played for 40 before and they were not happy about calling it quits when the bell rang!

If I can tell the game is dragging, or the excitement wavers for a moment, I’ll throw a giant timer up on the board and let everyone work for a minute, then resume the game. Olivia Smith mentioned that she will add another number for more variation – say if they roll a 2 they get the pencil, BUT they have to write with their non-dominant hand! 

A few more notes:

  • Remember, the first person to complete the sheet CORRECTLY wins – so as they finish, I check their answers and give them some feedback. Sometimes there’s a huge upset because they worked too quickly and made a mistake, sacrificing valuable pencil time to the other player(s)!
  • I usually keep the worksheet length short – think around 15-30ish questions that are fill in the blank. Longer sentences are tough, because sometimes the pencil will get snatched out of their hands mid-sentence and they’ll forget what they were doing!

Here’s the link to the Slides I use to intro and run this game with my students!

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¡Mi Lápiz! - SrtaSpanish

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I really appreciate it! I can always use a new review game to freshen things up in the classroom.

    1. Yes! Both, or either of those. Most importantly I’ve found short answer/quick recall to be the best kind of question for this activity. Longer answer or more in-depth questions are hard because they get interrupted when someone steals their pencil!

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