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My Library List

I’ve gotten several requests for suggestions for books for a classroom library in Spanish class, so I thought I’d share my list! HERE is the link to my spreadsheet with titles, authors, and LINKS!

Cite Your Sources!

These definitely are not all of the books out there, and I used a lot of different lists to help me build mine! Here are some of the resources that helped me compile this list for my classroom!

Bryce Hedstrom High-Interest Easy Reader
Fluency Matters
TPRS Books
Martina Bex – Post on Determining Text Complexity

Compare and Share

What’s on your classroom wishlist? Anything you would add? (Feel free to make a copy of the list I started and use it for your own!).

P.S. If you feel like being my fairy godmother and granting a wish, here is an Amazon Classroom Wishlist of novels for my students!

Are you looking to start Free Voluntary Reading with your middle school or high school Spanish classes? Check out this list of readers your students will love to get your classroom library started! What would you add to the list for your library?

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