Family + Descriptions for Spanish 1

I was just sharing a listening resource and talking about how we don’t have to only do authentic resources (#authres) for Spanish I, but guess what? I’m going to share an authentic resource that I LOVED using with my Spanish Is!

Kara Jacobs shared these resources and the transcript here and it was just too amazing to pass up with my Spanish Is as we work on family, descriptions, and what people like to do.  Here is Kara’s blog and her Twitter – both are FULL of amazing resources, and tons of information about how to use authentic resources at all levels.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Watch the commercial
  2. Talk about what kind of resource it is, what the purpose is, and who is the intended audience (AP prep)
  3. Pass out the handout.
  4. Watch the video, check off what they hear.
  5. Compare what they heard with what their partner heard.
  6. Read the follow-up questions together and check for comprehension.
  7. Watch the video, students answer the three questions.
  8. Ask/answer 1 & 2 together. Write on the board to model spelling/structures.
  9. Go through the Slides to practice describing the people, focusing on the family words and descriptions.
  10. Students flip over the half sheet and write some of their own descriptions, using the info from the board and considering what we talked about in step 9.

That’s everything! The whole thing took about 35 minutes, but most of them didn’t have enough time to finish step 10. Whoops. I’ll try and shorten up the warm-up/calendar talk next time so they don’t have to take anything home!

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Here are all of the links:

I hope you enjoy doing this with your students! Let me know if you try it out!


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