Speaking Assessment Rubric in Google Forms – The Screencasted Edition

It’s been almost exactly a year since I shared how I like to use Google Forms as a rubric during speaking assessments in class. Since then, I’ve received several questions about it! I tried to explain as best as I could, but this past week we gave speaking assessments in Spanish 2 so I thought I’d take a few quick minutes to screencast and explain the rubric and how the procedure works for me.

Please click here to watch the video! I really hope it’s helpful in understanding the process.

A few important notes:

  • As I’m making the shift to more TPRS / Comprehensible Input in my Spanish I classes, there will be a lot less of these assessments in their levels. In fact..I’m not positive if they’ll have any formal speaking assessments at all. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!
  • My Spanish 2 classes are continuing with a more traditional style of learning at this point.  (baby steps!) They will have mini speaking assessments like this throughout the year.

Do you currently use speaking assessments in your classroom? What does the process look like for you?

4 thoughts on “Speaking Assessment Rubric in Google Forms – The Screencasted Edition

  1. Hi Ashley! Assessing students this way with the rubric seems so much more effortless. At my school we have Microsoft and my high school students are not one to one. Do you know if I could possibly create a QR code for the Microsoft form and students could pull of the rubrics through the QR code on their cell phone or the iPad class set?

    I’ve recently started the transition from traditional teaching to comprehensible input, proficiency-based standard greeting. It’s really great… But definitely a learning curve for both myself and students.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Juliana

    1. Yes, that should work! I will have students access the form on their phones sometimes if their computer is dead or having issues.

  2. Great Assessment, I’m at the point where I rather have my students speak in the TL that learn the rules. I use stamps for every lesson, they would have to say phrases in regards to the lesson and answer follow up questions.

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