End of Class Routine

There’s just one post left in my series of classroom routines I’ve been using this year: my end of class routine. This one is pretty short and sweet, but it is surprising how much I have enjoyed the addition to my day.

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The End of Class Routine

I can take zero credit for this. The iFLT/nTPRS/CI group shared it on Facebook and I think it originally comes from Bryce Hedstrom. I decided, why not give it a try? It sounded cheesy and over the top at first, but I actually like it. The routine is simple. I give students a warning when it’s time to pack up and get ready to go. When it is time to go I say, “Clase, gracias por aprender.” They respond with, “Profe, gracias por enseñarnos.” That’s it!

The Benefits to the End of Class Routine

Okay, it is a little cheesy. But there are definitely several things I like to this routine!

    • You know the whole, “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I dismiss you” line? This routine has gotten rid of that for me. It really is me dismissing them, not the bell.
    • It gets rid of the stress and rush of packing up. Some students just need that advance warning to get it together and this helps them be calm and transition to their next class smoothly. My school is LARGE and they changed the passing periods from 5 minutes to 4 minutes, which can be really tight! Making sure they’re ready to go when it’s time to leave combats some of the need to sprint from class to class in a crowded hallway.
    • It’s a clear “end” of class. Just like how we have a clear start to class, it’s just as important to wrap things up.
    • I like the thanking piece. They do work hard in my classroom, just like I work hard to teach them. Being grateful to each other for our efforts is another great way to build classroom community and respect.

I have to be honest with you, some days, time just gets away from me. AH! CLASE, LIMPIAMOS. CLASE GRACIAS POR APRENDER! I’m working on it. Sometimes when I feel that temptation I try and take a deep breath and relax. On story days it’s easier because it’s a classroom job to call the end to the middle of the story when the bell is approaching. I don’t currently have classroom jobs on non-story days, but this is definitely something I would make a job if I did!

After I dismiss them, I do also stand by the door and tell them see ya later, good job today, or a comment on a connection we made in class that day. On Fridays, we share our plans for the weekend as they walk out the door.

How do you like to wrap up your class? Share by commenting below!

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