Day of the Dead Activities for Spanish Class

Celebrate Day of the Dead in your classroom with stations! You’ve heard me say it before, I LOVE doing stations in my Spanish classroom! They are a great way to provide choice and allow students to learn in a small group setting. Especially for a holiday or celebration like Día de los Muertos when you have SO many activities to choose from, doing stations is a great opportunity to include more than one topic! This post will include several free options for station ideas, cultural activities, and crafts you could include for your secondary Spanish classroom. Here are some great Day of the Dead Activities for Spanish class!

Day of the Dead Stations and Resources:

Make Papel Picado – Spanish Plans has a great post about alternatives to butcher paper for papel picado here! I love stations that involve a craft – just make sure to have a garbage can nearby for the little pieces of paper!

The Engaged Spanish Classroom has shared this Color by Number that could be a great option!

Day of the Dead activities for Spanish class

Mis Sentimientos – play memory or do the practices from this adorable and seasonal set from Mrs. Cabello’s Spanish Class!

Watch a video and react/reflect. This adorable video is perfect for stations, as it’s only 3 minutes, but it does a great job communicating what the celebration is about! Doing a Know – Wonder – Learned chart is a great option for before, during, and after this video. I have used this both as a station and as a whole group discussion prior to starting stations with my classes!

Let your students design their own calaveras with these four simple steps!

Design a Calavera and decorate your classroom! Students use an easy guide to decorate their own calavera. Bonus – this turns into an adorable display!

Los Alebrijes Design by Grammar from Spanish Resource Shop would be a great way to include your content in a seasonal way! Plus, they’re adorable! Check out the example below!


Read an infographic to learn about the holiday and some of the traditions. The tasks can vary to suit your levels – what words do you recognize? What is the topic? What information is it telling you about?  I have a bunch of infographics saved on my Pinterest board that could be a good place to start!

About La Catrina

There are TONS of options for stations! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or would like a print and go option to save you time, check out my stations for Día de los Muertos! I have 7 different activities that include a variety of modes and hands-on options for your novice students.

Need an idea for Día de los Muertos for your classroom? This station set includes reading, writing, drawing, & listening activities to learn about Day of the Dead for your novice Spanish students! Students will compare cultural traditions while learning about the history and art of Día de los Muertos with these fun print and go activities! Don't stress about a big party or project! Educate your students and have fun with these centers! Perfect for upper elementary, middle or high school classes!

Day of the Dead Alternative Assignment

Do you need an alternative assignment for Día de los Muertos? Sometimes students need an another option instead of participating in the activities with the rest of the class. Head on over to my other post to get some more ideas and some options for helping those students learn about a different aspect of culture!

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